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Dear All,

We seem to be moving toward a more integral world-view that is synthesis of world and self. Last millennium, product of our rational & resultant technological skills, has left us feeling dizzy and powerless with mind-boggling change. The three R "s Reading, Writing & Arithmetic has been the foundation of our rational skills. This millennium is requiring a different set of skills & awareness. These are the new 3 R "s of Respect, Rhythm, & Responsibility. Let me share how.

Respect is re-spect, re-look at how we "ve understood who we are, where we "re heading and how we are living. Certainly the state of world today is requiring this urgently.

Responsibility is as Stephen R. Covey redefines, "ability to choose response ". Respect leads to knowledge. Responsibility leads to choosing after evaluation and better understanding of life.

Rhythm is literally what the words mean- harmony, music and balance. The first two "R "s lead to third one.

Today, in the knowledge-based world, personal mastery and excellence is essential to success, even survival. This requires emotional empowerment. Science of emotions is emerging with a renewed understanding as we expand our paradigms. Emotional Empowerment is knowing, choosing & living with these new 3 R "s. They form the foundation of the Self-science. They are needed not just at individual level, they are essential even at organizational and social levels. It is already happening in field of science. As Fritjof Capra writes in "The Web of Life: A New Scientific Understanding of Living Systems ", "By calling the emerging new vision of reality "ecological" in the sense of deep ecology, we emphasize that life is at its very center. Today the paradigm shift in science, at its deepest level, implies a shift from physics to the life sciences."

Now the challenge before all of us is to apply this at individual and organizational level. I invite all of you to participate in this journey.

"We must create a society in which a person does not have to betray inner sensitivity, inner essence. Each of us needs opportunities to unfold the essence of being. Then the sensitivity becomes fountain of strength, of peace, of joy." Vimala Thakar

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