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Dear All,

I am aware that this time I am late in reaching you. However I have come back from 20 days vacation from a place where time did not exist. North Eastern border of India has a place called Manali, 6,000 feet above sea level. We were 3,000 feet above Manali at a place called Kothi, staying in tents. There was no electricity and no comforts of city life, which we name as necessity. Surrounded by snow-clad mountains I experienced Nature in all its shades- unmatchable beauty and terrifying wrath of bad weather spells.

Those days seem like a dream now- was I really living such unpolluted life? The pollution not only of air and water but that of corporate life style. These few days made me realize how our urban life has become so artificial and alienated. And so does our mind and heart. The mountains and sky seemed timeless, simple life like the habitants of mountains questioned all our beliefs. Our conditioning through stories fed in the brain started peeling off as we participated in life unadulterated. One of the activities was to cross a bridge- strong railing yet wooden planks that covered the railings were broken at various places. The bridge was almost 300 ft above a valley where glaciers drifting from high altitudes resided in the gushing waters. Our camp coordinator would walk without blinking as he had crossed this bridge many a times. For me the beauty of the valley, sound of strong stream and the tall pine trees was appealing. And I trusted the coordinator, as he’s been a friend for more than 10 years. Thus I crossed the bridge with him holding his hand and trusting his judgment. However, when I turned back and looked, it seemed incredible that such an act was possible.

What strongly appealed to me and I wish to share with all of you is the trust factor in life. Our fears come out of not trusting self, others and moreover life itself. Others feed our brain; in the process life itself slips away. When you are crossing a bridge like the one I described and look back, you know that if you believed all the stories in the brain you would have never been able to cross the bridge. When one stands there in midst of snow clad mountains and star lit sky, in spite of 5 layers of clots one feels almost naked, stripped of all the stories that condition us. Reviewing of life happens, and paths may change. Trusting life was the only way to survive there. And trust in self and others happen as a by-product.

As Thoreau says, we all live fast rather than deep. 9000 ft above sea level, one starts living deep as fast becomes redundant in the eternal landscape of time. I wonder how our executive decisions, strategic planning, business and Human Resources planning would be, if they happened not in air-conditioned boardrooms but the mountains! Would the vocabulary change as words like ‘killing the competition’ capturing markets downsizing or right sizing may make us feel how myopic our thinking is in the vastness of wilderness. Are we ready to cross the bridge that unconditions us or do we want to stagnate and die believing the stories fed in the brain?


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