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TAME THE MONKEY - Minds Came be tamed


Robert Cooper, an acclaimed educator on how exceptional leaders and teams liberate untapped human capacities and excel under pressure, Cooper is also recognized for his pioneering work on the practical application of emotional intelligence and the neuroscience of trust, ingenuity and leadership.

In recent years, Robert Cooper has been the highest-rated faculty member in the Lessons in Leadership Distinguished Speaker Series™ sponsored by universities and business schools from coast to coast. He is the developer of the new Breakthroughs in Leadership® seminar offered in major cities in 2002.



Six Seconds EQ Network teaches emotional intelligence skills to create positive and productive relationships in schools, homes, and organizations around the world (read more about us) (and why we're called "Six Seconds"). 

At 6seconds.com you will find an extensive collection of EQ articles, emotional intelligence resources, and connections to the worldwide network: There are over 175 articles on this site, the first online EQ store, plus free calendar, ecards, a download library, and more!



IE Interpersonal provides consulting services, coaching and formation, in the area of Emotional Intelligence, to the company and its collaborators as well as to all those people who need these services for a professional and personal improvement. 

Interpersonal Emotional intelligence provides the keys to pass the theory of Emotional Intelligence to the practice.



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