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TAME THE MONKEY - Minds Came be tamed


Learning Philosophy:
The goal is Transformational Learning -- where people change from "the inside out" rather than adding information overload.
These programs connect the Western competency approach with the Eastern transformational method of experiential learning. Competencies are a powerful tool to enhance ones work style, productivity and create a mindset conducive for excellence. The sessions work on 3 levels of - Know (information)-Choose (analysis)-Live (transformation). The learning philosophy is-

  • Learning occurs when I participate in inward journey & realize internal power
  • There are real experiences -- not just abstract ideas
  • Emotion is actually engaged to facilitate learning and change
  • Learning is a process to be valued and enjoyed
  • Use multiple learning styles – appeal to all 3 brains
  • The participants are experts too
  • There is not just one conclusion
  • Questions are worth more than answers
  • Experience 3 ‘R’ approach- Respect, Responsibility & Rhythm

The programs and interventions aim at creating awareness about and integrating these truths discovered in life’s journey:  
Process more important than content
Solutions don’t transfer. Information does not lead to transformation. Transformation is individualistic and unique process. We all have our own pace of evolution. Each person learns differently and uniquely. Models have their own limitations and may not benefit as mass solutions. Each interaction has to have its own moment of truth and insightfulness. Therefore no Tame the Monkey Model. Each organizational need or individual need is met with different combination of processes.

Integrative across boundaries
A Divine Design that I experience in my life journey is educational, professional and intuitive combination of sciences, disciplines and knowledge. Literature, Psychology, Neurosciences, Management, Ayurveda, Yoga, Ancient wisdom, modern research, Energy Sciences, Quantum physics- they all weave a tapestry that is integrative and holistic. And therefore, flow of process decides content of each event. Connecting brain research- IQ with Gut and Heart research, Body-mind continuum, de-toxing body-mind, clearing perception filters and conditioned scripts, rewriting life scripts for becoming co-creators of our own life has become part of my life journey as well as Tame the Monkey’s unique contribution to organizations.

Personal Philosophy
When I look back, there certainly were people whose life stories; research, works and words have inspired me. Collectively this becomes a personal philosophy.

  • “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Gandhi’s life story reveals this philosophy and I’ve internalized this to facilitate my own unfolding.
  • Change your own vibration frequency- In ‘Power vs. Force’; David Hawkins has narrated research on how our own higher vibration frequency can balance other lower ones. Even one person working on self can impact many others around her/him.
  • Be organic. We have become very toxic and artificial in our social conditioning.  Regain Natural Self; Reconnect with Nature, Live integrated Life has been my guiding principles.

Doing Energy (what you have) & Being Energy (who you are)
Our journey as human race has unfortunately focused on Doing rather than Being. Hence all our achievements are external. We have traveled great distances connecting continents and Globalizing businesses; we have traveled beyond this Earth and take pride in reaching the Moon, Mars and other planets. However, we are strangers to our own self, and have no idea how to bridge the distance between two hearts in personal or professional life.
Being is knowing who you, connecting with our deeper wisdom and higher potential. Human beings are not the ultimate, and their intellect devoid of heart’s wisdom has proved fatal to themselves and the Planet. Ancient wisdom, from every land and culture that has been disregarded as non-scientific and superstitious, has stored many insights of connecting with Being and developing higher potential.

Masculine & Feminine Energy
Energy is just one- Human. However our minds have got so conditioned to separate them into labels that we get into stereotyping. We even forget that as human being we have both energy principles within us. The gender male/female is so dominantly expressed in social conditioning that the masculine/feminine energy aspects are neglected, suppressed or over ruled. Masculine Energy is Aggressive, Competitive, Dominated by Killer Instinct and having Work-life Imbalance. Feminine Energy is Compassion, Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence, Interdependence, and Networking & Nurturing Relationships. Organizations are waking up to bring this balance back in their work cultures.

3 E crises & 3 R solutions
The major crisis facing us today is on 3 levels- Economic, Emotional and Ecological. All of them arise due to our ignorance or lack of knowledge and choice less living. They are all interlinked in a way that economics has taken such high esteem in designing our lives that emotions and ecology have been neglected and abused. We have created hurry-hurry culture that is mismanaging our management.

Rhythm: Our heart beats in Rhythm. Heart is the seat of Higher Intelligence and latest neuroscience is establishing Heart as one of our brainpower. As we learn to listen to our heart, we have more rhythm in our life.

Responsibility: Steven Covey defines it as the ability to choose responses. Most of us react to a stimulus out of emotional memory and limit our choices in spite of negative results. This gives birth to feelings of victimization and blame. As we emotionally mature, we're able to see wide spectrum of choices from which we can respond. We create our own biography instead of repeating outdated second hand script.

Respect: One major crisis in our life is low self-esteem, lack of respect for self. Most of us grow up with unconscious internalization of negative self-worth. This leads to nagging unconscious need of seeking approval from others, conscious denial of this need by distorted self-perception and irrational anxiety. On a macro level, dis-respect of self has led to global abuse in wars and ecological devastation. When we respect our own self, we're able to respect the individuality of other people and the world around as well.

Leadership Challenge: Inspired by Systems thinking- Fritjof Capra
Fritjof Capra is one of those integrative thinkers who have seen the connectedness of everything from Quantum Physics & Yoga perspectives equally. Or at least that is my understanding of his philosophy.
What is true for leadership is also true for Leaders: the balanced scorecard of their various intelligences has to be maintained in a systems theory way. And the inner-outer world, work-life balance has to be sustained in ecological way.  

Heart Intelligence
The role of a leader is to lead, and hence decision of the direction for the organization, be it educational institutes, NGOs or corporate. One needs compass for right direction or else the journey is futile. Our 3E crises seem to be result of lack of compass. The compass is within us in the Heart Intelligence, illuminating the inner wisdom.

Learning from Nature
Whenever I observe the Nature its intelligence amazes me. To be honest, birds weave excellent nests that survive strong winds without having any engineering degrees. Have you observed how ants work in teams, locate opportunities, follow the leader, and overcome all obstacles by finding a way and share without conflict?  Elephants are known for their intuitive powers to pick up future threats and live in community. Where has human intelligence failed? How come we do not use this internal wisdom but have to learn everything from outsiders? Tame the Monkey facilitates integrated intelligence in individuals and organizations.

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