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TAME THE MONKEY - Minds Came be tamed

Dear All,

I recently was invited to chair a parent meet organized by Divine Grace Youth Academy. Some very interesting insights emerged. I shared with parents research finding projecting almost 98% of people suffer from low self-esteem. Also, psychologists feel that self-esteem gets crystallized by the age of 5. Isn't there a pattern emerging that low self-esteem has some co-relation with our parenting? Research also confirms that most of us are 'no' parents- a child of 5 yrs has typically heard 'no' from adults around 4,000,00 times! And this 'no' results from our concern for their safety and disciplining. However the imprint of 'no' is so strong that it kills the self -esteem. How do we become 'yes' parents is open for deliberations. How do we re-pattern our language?

Another insight was that the education system and the rat race culture of competition in the minds of parents are driven by their perception of organizations and social structures exist around. They want to educate the child, as they want to build identity, gain knowledge, be confident, etc. However, what schools here in India at least to larger extent seem to providing only overdose of information. Thus they get geared up only to get a job that gives secure income, not develop competencies of the mind that would enable to live life. Here again there is a disconnect with what we really want at heart and what we've created out of fear driven brain!

To build a sustainable society for our children and future generations - the great challenge of our time - we need to fundamentally redesign many of our technologies and social institutions so as to bridge the wide gap between human design and the ecologically sustainable systems of nature. This means that education needs to undergo fundamental changes, both in order to adapt to the new business environment and to become ecologically sustainable. When observe our natural environment, we see continuous change, adaptation, and creativity.

System's thinking and Quantum physics is restating Vedic understanding of life. Three discoveries of Vedas are as follows:

  • Organic wholeness of every Life
  • Inter-relatedness of every being, of every expression of Life, and
  • An intelligent harmony permeating the whole Cosmos.

Are our education, social institutions and organizations reflecting this truth? We are seeing everything outside us as competing and scarce. When we don't trust life, ourselves or others around, how do we live life intelligently?

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