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TAME THE MONKEY - Minds Came be tamed

Dear All,

In view of globalization, speed, technology and unpredictability, organizations are facing major transitional challenges. The issues that trouble organizations most: chaos, control, freedom, communication, participation, planning and prediction. Power distribution and resource allocation, hierarchies and ecological relationships are all going through metamorphic transformation. One of the most important criteria, which will affect the successful transition from the old to new ways, is the Leadership style.

If nature uses certain principles to create her infinite diversity and her well-organized systems, it is highly probable that those principles apply to human life and organizations as well.

Women bring strength to new management era the leadership model by building feminine energy for organizational capacity building and creating sustainable growth. “Leadership in today’s environment must move from the traditional “warrior model” who successfully led organizations in the industrial era, to what she calls “heroic leadership”, says Margot Cairnes in “Approaching the Corporate Heart”.

Innovate, originate and develop (instead of the warrior model of intimidating, administering and maintaining);

  • Focus on people (instead of the warrior focus on structure);
  • Inspire trust (instead of the warrior reliance on control);
  • Have a long-range view (instead of the warrior’s short-term view);
  • Challenge the status quo (instead of accepting the status quo as the warrior does); and
  • Ask what and why (instead of being “classic good soldiers” as warriors are).

Women have great responsibility to shoulder in this transition. The challenge is to retain his or her own feminine energy and not adopt the masculine energy script or warrior script. Many of us have outwardly or superficially done that in order to have acceptability or success in short term. However, this has only given rise to more inner turmoil and conflict, as it is not compatible with our inner essence. This era brings immense hope to women and men alike who believed in long-term sustainability of feminine energy balance model.ok
The new leadership role or manager model requires revaluation of our own male/female script embodied in our history. The glass ceiling is not just in corporate boardrooms, its in our mind and therefore everywhere in our society. If we want to break through the psychological glass ceiling, we need to step back from our own script.

We must learn to consciously weigh situations and issues and to say "yes" and "no" and "maybe." In this way, we learn to deliberately choose options that are consistent with universal dynamics and law and to consciously participate in the larger picture. Full participation implies knowledgeable and free participation. The only way we can learn this is through conscious growth and development around free will.


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