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TAME THE MONKEY - Minds Came be tamed

Tame The Monkey founded by Mala Kapadia, Ph.D. was established in 2001 and is growing organization achieving its own place with specialization in Human Resources Reengineering of process and systems, Training and Development assignments. The name comes from ancient wisdom proclaiming our mind to be like monkey, playing tricks with impulsive, irrational and at times even destructive behavior. Any excellence that we strive to achieve; monkey mind is our biggest hurdle and once tamed our greatest asset. The tamed mind is capable of direct perception- devoid of memories, beliefs and colored filters. Truth reveals itself in perception.

Tame the Monkey has developed a highly effective and unique methodology to enable organizations to gain this competitive advantage. The programs use experiential joyful learning linked to organizational metrics, current research, and best practices in the field of Holistic Intelligence from East & West. Our competitive edge is not just rediscovering ancient wisdom and facilitating practical application, we constantly drive to cater to ever changing challenges that organizations are facing. One such example is how programs help gain insight in Quarter Life Crisis- new perspective to understand mindsets of 20 something in the workforce.

   TAME THE MONKEY : Contact No : +91 9967590087 | Email : info@tamethemonkey.com