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TAME THE MONKEY - Minds Came be tamed

Dear All,

It’s been long time again and in my mind and heart I connected so many times, sharing many thoughts, feelings and insights. However, time to pen all these seemed a luxury I did not have.

            In the epic of Mahabharata, character called Duryodhana says,
“I know what is right, somehow I don’t do it. I know what is wrong, somehow I don’t refrain from it.” Times when I get too involved in professional commitments and do not spend enough time either on right balance of time or activities, my sleep and breathing rhythm go out of sync. And then I remember Duryodhana – not refraining from what is wrong. Last 6 months I’ve traveled a lot, Singapore, Dubai & London. Taught MBA participants and facilitated programs. However, when I think of what did I not give priority during this period; time spent with self and family comes at the top of list.
            I’m sharing this with all, as I’m sure it is not just I, many of those who’re reading this may be getting caught up in similar dilemma. A friend of mine few days ago confessed while sharing her recent insights that all her decisions in life were taken by her brain, while her heart always confronted her and told her that these decisions were wrong. Society supports brain, as it is believed that brain is logical, objective and analytical. Common belief is that heart is illogical, subjective and confused. However, in the long run, many of us wake up realizing that the brain was short-term, manipulative and driven by selfishness. It is the heart that is long term, balancing and driven by compassionate values. I feel that brain is like clock – goes linear. And our heart is like compass – gives us the direction, right path – may be less traveled. The brain chooses road, which is safe and will be accepted by most people around.

            My facilitating, teaching and nurturing experiences are confirming this with reference to our script as well.  All my life, I’ve grown up challenging traditional female script, expanding it to feminine energy with masculine energy balance. However, I realize that while nurturing my godson that our scripts are hard-wired in our brain as well. Thus I see him living and voicing a very traditional male script, which to me seems as outdated as our inheritance of tail becoming appendix in the body. It has no outer purpose, yet is there in the system. The balance of feminine energy script that was getting nurtured at home is upset in the ‘hostile’, ‘competitive’ ‘male’ hostel environment. He feels lonely, alone, alienated and hence confused of his script. Suddenly I find him compromising the inner balance and projecting traditional male script in order to gain acceptance and ‘survive’. Friends, lately I’m realizing to my horror that being and growing as a male is maybe more difficult and threatening than being a woman. To me, the male script seems like more deeply hard-wired than the female script.

            Any of your experiences that you want to share with me?

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