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A moment of Silence for what has happened in Mumbai in last 60 hours. Do we rejoice it’s over? Do we blame intelligence for failure or feel angry for our helplessness in this mass masterminding of violence? On a personal level, I’m grieving my two young students from SPJCM, Dubai 2006 batch. And young son and daughter-in-law of a family friend. On a humanitarian level, I’m seeing the triumph of IQ or our ability to plan strategically and execute the plan. Is it not what the terrorists have done? We call it brain washing. And we’ve always related IQ with brain. The planners and the executers all certainly had high intelligence to carry out this disgusting act and hold not just Mumbai but entire world hostage.

How about their Heart Intelligence or Emotional Intelligence? If they had heard their heart’s voice, would they been able to kill indescriminately, strangers who have not harmed them in any way? We’ve always heard the phrase brainwashing; however, heart has never been washed with such hatred and violence. Heart has wisdom that could have saved lives today. Humanity is at a stage where all the wealth in the world, all the materialistic progress and development, including our launch on Moon seem trivial.

There is so much depression and anger in the air, it almost chokes me. I’m amazed how a photographer pulls the hand of an injured closer to his camera, rather than rushing the person to the hospital. I’m disgusted when a senior journalist is feeding answers in the questions she’s asking to a son whose father was still trapped in one of the hotels. Media has been bravely sharing news; however, they were also intensifying the drama at the cost of human concerns.   

Irony is, the idolized hero who has fired many times on the screen is helplessly cocooned in his residence, with a gun under his pillow. We’re watching gory sights of bloodshed and firing while having dinner and discussing with emotional numbness.

The time is to spread positive energy to counter act the negativity in the air. More violence through our words is not helping anyone. Young children have started playing terrorist games in Mumbai, now we know what children in other cities in all parts of world have been growing up with as the violence looms. The time is to protect our sanity and that of our children. It is time to leave a legacy behind of a safer world, positive world, and happier world. Increasing emotional intelligence is not just a corporate fad; it has become our necessity at every stage in life.   

Young faces of terrorists haunt me. Did their families know what they are up to? When they suddenly saw the face that was missing from home, how did they feel? None of us are thinking of mothers who’ve not just lost their sons, but will grieve all their life the futility of showered love, that could not stop the hatred resulting in drastic events. We label religions for propagating violence and terrorism, no religion in its heart would have such demands. It’s a distortion of religion by humans and it’s our duty to spread the right understanding for peace and love. Let us pray for all, including the ones who were misled.

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