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TAME THE MONKEY - Minds Came be tamed


March has been extremely creative and productive, truly capturing the spirit of spring in the air. It seems almost magical now when I read my last communication in February about Supramental Consciousness. Know-Choose is something that I’ve talked more often, this is the first time I’ll be sharing more authentic news on Live- living from choice, being an instrument of the evolution and knowing through the Psychic center what to do and say.

March 24-25 is when some of us who had participated/organized the Global Emotional Intelligence Forum in January at TISS, met at IIM-Indore to formulate an EI Forum. The venue and time of season seemed perfect. Synergy, energy and spirit of the innovative seven were at its peak. In two days we seemed to achieve what otherwise would take a much longer time. The purpose, mission and values of the forum were documented after deliberations. “Liberating Human Potential for Healthier Tomorrow.” is our mission. And the words we realized captures the essence of what EI signifies for all of us. And the beauty of the meeting was this essence flowing in all our interactions throughout those 2 days. The high energy, free flow of creativity, respect for each others perspectives, constructive critiquing, appreciative inquiry and celebrating our achievements…the two days seemed like perfect days out of fairy book. And that’s exactly what we want to recreate as everyday reality for all through Emotional intelligence- society which is driven by Joy rather than fear. What if our schools are designed to get the best out of each student? What if our organizations create opportunities to bring the best talent at work? What if our relationships reflect trust in intentions and compliment each other? What if life if full of moments that are celebration for small achievements together?

Coming back to Mumbai these questions were haunting me. I happened to watch the movie Taare Zamin pe which is about a special child and his latent talent, which is about a heartless handling by parents and teachers who are victimized by social script of retrace success definitions, and which is about a triumph of a teacher who dared to be different and listen to his heart’s voice. What synchronicity of my Indore visit and watching this movie! This exactly is the resolve of our EI Forum- to create teachers/parents/managers who dare to be different and listen to the heart’s voice.

I confess- knowing and choosing has created such different living- connecting with positive people who energize and fuel creativity. I share this to provoke others to join us and take the first step together in the journey of thousand miles to create a healthier world. I’d committed to share about yoga principles; I ended up sharing the first principle of Truth. Truth is not an ideal; truth is the basic need of our existence. To be true to yourself, is the first step to begin this journey. Listening to Psychic center is reconnecting with Heart’s Intelligence. And step forward to being Human in the evolution from fear to Joy.   

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