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TAME THE MONKEY - Minds Came be tamed


Today, 29th February is a very special day. It’s a day in history of evolution where humankind has been blessed by descent of Supramental Consciousness or Truth Consciousness as called by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. As declared by Mother after one of the meditation sessions in Puducherry, it descended on 29th Feb. 1956.  She invited everybody who wanted to become part of this new creation to prepare them for it in all sincerity.

Since childhood I’ve experienced those basic fundamental questions that many have felt and sought answers to: who am I? Why are we on this earth? What is Life all about? If Spirituality or Religions are all about renouncing ‘this’ world and seeking ‘another’ then what is the purpose of this earth? If our ‘body’ is materialistic and ‘spirit’ is ‘real’, then why God created body at all? And no school of though answered these questions as well as Mother. Sri Aurobindo has given the understanding to the process of evolution from very different perspective than Darwin’s theory of evolution and hence, answered these questions, making our life on earth and having a body meaningful.

Sri Aurobindo’s work has given ‘choosing’ a deeper perspective. In Mother’s words, “There is an ascending evolution in nature which goes from the stone to the plant, from the plant to the animal, from the animal to man. Because man is, for the moment, the last rung at the summit of the ascending evolution, he considers himself as the final stage in this ascension and believes there can be nothing on earth superior to him. In that he is mistaken… Sri Aurobindo came upon earth to teach this truth to men. He told them that man is only a transitional being in a mental consciousness, but with the possibility of acquiring a new consciousness, the Truth Consciousness, and capable of living a life perfectly harmonious, good and beautiful, happy and fully conscious.”

Satprem, in his book Sri Aurobindo or the Adventures of Consciousness, writes, “The Supramental Consciousness…does not try to know, it does not try to determine what it must do or not do, it is perfectly silent and still, living each second of time spontaneously, without straining towards the future; but at each second, the exact knowledge needed drops down in the silence of the consciousness, like a drop of light: this has to be done, that has to be said, or seen or understood. The Supramental Thought…is an arrow from the Light, not a bridge to reach it.”

If today is The Day then let us all go deeper into silence and stillness of our psychic being or the heart center and awaken the Light in Matter, listen to the deepest and highest voice, let the cells of our body consciousness awaken the Spirit within as to be consciously become a part of the evolution. There are many writings and works; however, today I share two titles with all that have made great impact on me: Psychic Education a workbook by Neeltje Huppes and above mentioned Satprem’s work. 

Let Satyam, Shivam Sundaram bless us and flourish in our Life.

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