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TAME THE MONKEY - Minds Came be tamed


Many letters on ‘Know’ in last few months… now lets talk a little on ‘Choose’. And let me share my own experiences…

Last year around August I reconnected with my old school teacher, now settled in Puducherry- town known for Sri Aurobindo and The Mother’s Ashram. She asked me some questions just to know what I’m doing right now with my life, and she commented that I must use my power of intention with more focus and choose a direction with more conviction. I just accepted the suggestions, allowed them to get digested and a loll, to my surprise, things started happening as if by miracle. Some call it Grace, some call it Synchronicity. I’ve realized it as Aligning Yourself with Life Purpose.

And ever since this alignment is happening, Choice has become more natural and less conflicting. Opportunities and people with similar vibrations, or ones that would help in my Life Purpose are coming my way. Friends, it does not just mean that life has become easy or smooth. In fact many of my old beliefs about self, others, relationships and life itself are getting transformed. It is not easy in any way, yet it is thrilling. There are mystical and painful moments when my superficial ego gets shattered; it is like a snake shedding the skin or larva becoming butterfly. Joy and pain are two shades of same experiences… It’s beyond words… How do I share these wonderful experiences with all?

Its spring already… winter has been quite chilling this year, even in Mumbai where people do not need any woolens throughout years. And as I see trees shading leaves, new buds coming up drinking the mild morning Sun, I find it comforting to reconnect with choice on natural levels. There is no entrance exam to find out the barrenness of a tree and then only allowing the spring to blossom. Each tree is unique; each leaf has its own timing. There are no early or late learners. They do not have CAs or accountant to file returns or reveal income. They live by Natural Life Alignment and Inner Alchemy. Life happens to them. Friends, as cultural creative, lets this spring touch our hearts and blow away all old beliefs, allowing space for new to happen.

Last month Tata Institute of Social Sciences and HPCL had organized Global Emotional Intelligence Forum where I presented Indian perspectives on EI and research possibilities. One of the presenters asked jokingly, what is the link between monkeys and humans, and the answer is what we’ll find difficult to accept- it is us. However, this is what Sri Aurobindo’s foundation of Purna Yoga is, that we are in process of evolution and link to higher possibilities of expanded talent and consciousness. I choose to share with all my perspectives on reconnecting with ancient wisdom to align our purpose of evolution. This is where Yoga as Science of Transformation becomes a guide. As Vimala Thakar says,
"Yoga is a holistic system of self transformation that approaches well-being through balancing the vital energies in the body which harmonize all aspects of your life: physical, mental/emotional and spiritual.” More about this in next letter.

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