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As last day of calendar year 2007, I wish to share some thoughts on Time itself… Many of us would have taken time off for family holidays or setting resolutions for coming year or reviewing 2007’s journey. We usually understand and know ourselves and others in relation to time. However, how have we known time? Do we take a moment to stop back and re-spect Time? Is time mechanical or linear as the calendar or clock? I’ve come across new paradigm in Time through my friend Sonia from Brazil, and share this with all with gratitude.

The concept is not new. Time is seen in Nature, and Nature’s relation with Time is Natural. Seasons follow the heart’s wisdom and not the intellect’s dictum. As per this paradigm, which is not new, but rediscovery of Mayan civilization, we reconnect with the heart of Nature to relate to life and ourselves.

I’m reproducing some of the ideas shared by Sonia and taken from web pages on 13moon.com

Put simply by physicist Mark Comings: “The 12 month calendar has a cycle that is contrary to and out of phase with the natural annual 13 fold gravitational wave created by the Moon's orbit around the Earth." This lack of harmony, though generally un-examined, has a profound effect on the way we relate to the Universe we live within.

The system of 12 months and a corresponding 12 hour: 60-minute clock, is known as the 12:60 timing frequency, and has yet to be proven as a viable measure of time. This flat perception of time does not correlate to any actual cycles of time! It is an artificial model of reality. It is encoding humanity with a comprehension of the natural world as disharmonious and non-coherent!

More natural cycle of time is 28 days of Moon creating 13 months. It gives one extra day every year, which is Time off day. Around the planet, this day is reserved for festival and community. Central focuses are: Planetary Peace through Culture, Stop business as usual, Attest to the truth that "Time is Art!" Forgiveness, atonement, freeing of debts, purification, the Art of Peace...

This day is an opportunity to experience the freedom of being alive, true timelessness and loving kindness. This day is a catalytic launch-pad for the year to come, a great, global harnessing of telepathic presence, and a perfect way to invite new participants into the harmony of the 13 Moon Calendar. The celebration begins in the heart!

"We say, what is time that it makes this order so harmonious and beautiful? What we say is that time is a form of information biology. We can see this in every living form; it has its stages of growth, it has its particular form of embodiment. Even its communities and social structures all have an aesthetic or artistic quality. This is because time is information biology and with the information biology of time, we say that Time in-forms life. This is a very profound point that we must understand very deeply. When we understand that it is time that informs life, then we see that time is the universal information and the universal in-forming principle..."

The unconscious adherence to mechanized time has sped up our pace of life, leading us on a ride of unprecedented acceleration. Our health and the health of all of Earth's life forms implore us to attune to the true rhythms of nature so that we might find our place of harmony and balance. We must re-establish Cosmos (Order) on Earth.

The Law of Time states that one common timing frequency governs and shapes all third-dimensional phenomena, that Time is actually the universal frequency of synchronization. The 13-moon/28-day calendar is the practical application of the Law of Time, and establishes a frequency of harmony, from which a culture of harmony can be actualized. Join us in the paradigm: "Time is art."

A whole-systems reconnection with nature through the adoption of a nature-based calendar system aligns our hearts, minds, and actions in synchronization with our own natural rhythms and those of the greater universe. Harmony, established as an intrinsic value of life, becomes the basis of local and global culture.

Many of us wish to be a part of a new paradigm - to participate in the birthing of a New Time of Peace; a new social and economic model that is not founded in survival through competition, but evolution through cooperation. The old-world-model, which produces private wealth at the expense of the environment and sustainable human community, is inherently self-destructive and is therefore giving way to a new vision - one which cherishes our relationship with nature, views all beings in the light of equality, and upholds Earth, Human, and Sky as One Sacred Expression of Life.

Last month I shared about health and wellbeing. I never realized how time relates to wellbeing till I read, "I am convinced that our ability to change our relationship to time, as much as any factor, is an essential key to creating health on all levels." -Christiane Northrup, M.D.

And according to 13moon calendar, New Year begins on 26th July 2008. So friends… as the world celebrates old solar calendar and continues to have the same conflicts inside and outside with the ‘suppose to be New Year’, I take this opportunity to invite all to just PAUSE and rethink TIME…


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